Artículo Year: 2014 Vol.: 12 No.: 1 pp.: 187-197 Language: Portugués

Uma aldeia milenar da Ribeira Lima: a sacralização do seu espaço paroquial

Author: Carlos Alberto Brochado de Almeida
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Cultural tourism does not live on physical realities alone; it also feeds on the so called immaterial culture, present on every corner, in each land, in each geographical space. Ribeira Lima is a privileged space to analyze such presuppositions, since here feasts and processions are blended with practices that were once considered pagan. The christian people both seeks the Senhora (Our Lady) da Agonia or Senhora da Peneda processions, and actively takes part in the Feiras Novas (New Fairs) of Ponte de Lima, a reality where the sacred is so well combined with the secular. It is this very people who hastens to ask for the protection of thaumaturges against plague, famine, war and bones' ailments (Saint Sebastian, Saint Roque and Saint Amaro), also protecting itself with amulets and herbs against witches and sorcerers, against evil eye and envious neighbours. It was this people who, early on, at the dawn of the II Millennium, has drawn the limits of its parishes, and took steps in order to protect them, as well as its homes and property, with the most diverse symbols, some christian, some originating in far more ancestral practices. Any parish of Ribeira Lima would serve as an example, but we chose Santa Leocádia de Geraz do Lima,of the municipality of Viana do Castelo, because 2013 is the millennial of its foundation.

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