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Sabores, saberes e o desenvolvimento do ecoturismo na comunidade Mem de Sá, Itaporanga D’Ajuda, Estado de Sergipe

Author: Jurema Nascimento Ribeiro, Tamiles Santos Andrade, Claudio Roberto Braghini
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This study aimed to identify the connections between gastronomy, ecotourism and cultural identity in the community Mem de Sá, located on a river island on the south coast of Sergipe, that is preparing for tourist activity. The methodology was based on prior dialogue with the community, and interviews together with a semi-structured inventory of typical delicacies. The typical gastronomy, including its historical aspects, could be used to safeguard or reinterpret the cultural identity of the community, whilst also valuable as a facet of the ecotourism being developed. Ecotourism as a model for establishing tourism management and commitment towards the community Mem de Sá may reresent a complementary activity for them in its perspective of highlighting the clear link between the way of life based on fishing and cookery, with the natural environment of rivers and mangroves. The local gastronomy to inserted as a link between production mode based on fishing and interests of ecotourists. The coalition between the public enterprise Embrapa Tabuleiros Costeiros, the Federal Institute of Sergipe and other partners is working along these lines to promote Ecotourism.


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Bacharel em Comunicação Social, habilitação Jornalismo, pela Universidade Tiradentes - UNIT. Graduada de Tecnologia
em Gestão de Turismo pelo Instituto Federal de Sergipe - IFS. E-mail:

Graduada em Tecnologia em Gestão de Turismo pelo Instituto Federal de Sergipe - IFS. E-mail:

Mestre em Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente – PRODEMA/Universidade Federal de Sergipe – UFS. Doutorando em Geografia – NPGEO/UFS. Professor do Instituto Federal de Sergipe – IFS – Coordenadoria de Curso Superior em Turismo - CCST. E-mail:


Title in English: Tastes, knowledge and development of ecotourism in the Mem de Sá, Itaporanga D’Ajuda, State of Sergipe community

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