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Artículo Año: 2013 Vol.: 11 Núm.: 4 Págs.: 547-558 Idioma: Portugués

O Poder nas Relações dos Resorts e o Estado – Caso de Resorts com Ações no MPF (Brasil)

Autor: Claudio Alexandre de Souza, Miguel Bahl
Descargar: application/pdf PS0413_03.pdf

The resulting power relations of the resorts along the Brazilian coast and the state (municipal,
state and federal) are evidenced via the cases analyzed in this study result from the action of federal prosecutors – MPF. This study aims to analyze in an exploratory way, the power situation in the relations of lodging facilities – type resorts – who have or had action by the Federal Prosecutor – MPF and the impacts or potential spaces. It is the result of the analysis of bibliographic references, documentary and electronic media, as well as secondary data from the MPF, in multicase analysis of the resorts surveyed. We identified cases of three regions – Northeast, Southeast and South, showing up including irregularities on the part of state and local governments.

ISSN: 1695-7121
Author details:

E-mail: cas_tur@yahoo.com.br
E-mail: migbahl@ufpr.br

Título en inglés: Power Relations in the Resorts and the State – Resorts with Case Actions in MPF.


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